• Utilise patterns, forms, materials and greenery to inject nature into office spaces
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve air quality and flow
  • Improve lighting options
  • Enhance connection between the built and natural environment
  • Increases presenteeism
  • Provides a ‘daily dose’ of nature
  • Increase aesthetics
  • Meet Green Star/WELL rating targets

Our diverse team of professionals ensure a quality wholistic approach.

  • Biophilic design
  • Urban design and planning
  • Architecture
  • Streetscapes
  • Office spaces
  • Community consultation
  • Landscape design

A walk-in, sit down immersive and restoring nature experience.

  • City squares, roof tops, podiums
  • Combines multiple biophilic attributes
  • Restorative and de-stressing
  • Biosolar rooftop provides own power
  • 5m x 5m temporary or permanent
  • Sustainably built and operated.

Blog Posts

Design for Healing and Health

Recently, I presented at a symposium on biophilic design. My topic was designing for health and healing, and I shared a story from my book.


Jana Soderlund

Dr Jana Soderlund

Biophilic Design Consultant; Sustainability Professional

A childhood spent exploring the beauty of nature fostered a deep passion for nature. Jana was a pioneer environmental educator. An early career in environmental science, population and world resources, evolved to further studies in sustainability and climate change; transformative and resilient thinking; and urban design. Since completing her Ph.D. in Biophilic Urban Design, Jana has been active as a biophilic designer, presenter, educator and academic author. She is a member of the global Biophilic Cities steering committee, Chair of Biophilic Cities Australia, Director of Biophilic Solutions, Director of Green Roofs Australasia and a Curtin University associate.

She has a recently published book ‘The Emergence of Biophilic Design’, which details the history of biophilic design along with stories of the pioneers and their biophilic initiatives and insights. Plus academic papers, podcasts and videos.